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Have you been in an accident or need a vehicle towed quickly?

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We’re glad you are okay and hope everyone involved is. We can be to your location in no time and are a preferred tow provider for most of the largest Canadian insurance companies.

Give us a call for fast and professional accident towing. We’ll be on the scene to get your vehicle safely out of the way and sent to your dealership, body shop, or where ever your insurance company has instructed you to take it to. We can also store it at our 100% secure and safe collision yard while you work out the details. We explain everything upfront! Not after the fact with a surprisingly huge $2,000 towing bill. If it’s a write-off, you have nothing more to worry about; we can take it from here and reimburse you or your insurance company the salvage costs.

Is your car damaged but you are debating driving it? Don’t risk causing more damage. Give us a call and we can make sure no further damage is done and your vehicle is safely towed to the destination requested.

Ottawa Towing Company is fully licensed to handle all of your insurance covered tows. You don’t have worry about extra headaches after an accident. We get your policy number and invoice your insurance company directly for the accident and recovery costs. There are no out of pocket expenses to you and insurance companies love us for the convenient business practices.

DID YOU KNOW? If you are in an accident and the police or other emergency response services require your vehicle to be moved for traffic or safety reasons, you do not have to use the tow truck being provided by the emergency services unit. There is not contract with the City of Ottawa or Ottawa Police for these services as they are not liable for your car. It is the consumer right to choice whoever they wish or their insurance provider instructs the to. NO YOUR TOWING RIGHTS! Do not let the Ottawa Police or anyone else cost you money by forcing you to select a provider you do not know.

Your safety and convenience is our top priority! We look forward to servicing you soon.

Click here to see Ottawa’s Police Reporting Collision Centres

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