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flat tire replacement ottawaFlat tire? The Ottawa Towing Company has changed thousands of tires. We love our city but let’s face it; we only have two seasons; winter and construction! This leads to a large number of flat tires and related issues.

Whether you have a flat tire from a pothole in the snowy months, bumpy roads while they’re being redone or a nail from passing a construction site, we’ll have our trained emergency roadside service technicians at your location in minutes with the proper equipment to change your tire. Don’t have a spare? No problem, we’ll tow you to the closest garage.

Regardless of the reason for your flat tire, we know you’re frustrated and want to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Our fleet of trucks are all fully equipped with air compressors for the fastest possible tire changes know matter where you are. Don’t spend hours trying to find the right tools and cranking a lug wrench manually; we can change your tire in 5 minutes while you sit back and relax.

Do you know the top 5 reasons for a flat tire?

1)    Sharp objects. Nails and screws are often left or scattered on the ground around construction sites and from construction vehicles driving to and from sites.
2)    Valve Stem Leaks. Valve stems may get a leak in it from dirt inside the valve or because it’s old.
3)    Tire Bead Leaks. This is the sealing surface of the tire. Air can slowly leak out of the tire from this area eventually causing a flat tire.
4)    Alloy Wheel Leaks. If you have aluminum alloy wheels, you could experience this. The air escapes from the tire and the wheel eventually causing a flat tire.
5)    Vandalism. We know you probably don’t have any enemies but you never know when someone will think it’s a funny idea to let the air out of your tires or someone thinks their cool for slashing the sidewall of your tires. It happens more often than you think!

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At the Ottawa Towing Company we are proud of the fast, reliable and affordable emergency vehicle services we provide to the citizens of Ottawa and surrounding areas. Whether you are in the heart of Ottawa, Orleans, Barrhaven, Manotick, Kanata, or Stittsville our fleet of trucks are on standby to help you 24/7 365.

If you have a flat tire, ran out of gas, locked yourself out of your car, need a battery boost or need emergency roadside assistance contact our friendly, professional, and prompt team of towing services masters are here to help and get you back on the road in no time.

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