Ottawa Sun Towing Article

Feb 09, 2016

As a small business owner working to grow a company, blogs are sometimes low priority and forgotten. That said, better late than never and this was a great story to blog about.

In November we conducted an interview with the Ottawa Sun’s Jon Willing about the towing industry and the questionable rules around it. Jon titled it “Ottawa’s ‘wild west’ towing industry screams for rules”. He contacted us to discuss the ciaos in the towing industry based on recent charges laid for a tow operating dangerously driving and other for dangerous driving causing death. Through a blog I wrote earlier in the year about accident chasing and the unsafe, unfair business practice of it, Jon contacted us to discuss the topic in more detail.

We introduced him to one our partners, Jon Kadir of Jonny’s Towing, who’s been a partner of ours since October 2014 to give him a deeper inside view of what really goes on a daily basis on the streets.

Jon wrote a fantastic article outlining the importance of this topic and highlighted, people are getting injured because of it. Something has to be done. The Ottawa Towing Company thanks you Jon. We continue to provide the citizens of Ottawa with fast, professional and safe towing services and it’s great to have positive media coverage to inform people we are not all bad guys out to get them.

Ottawa Sun Towing Article

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