Ottawa Towing Company is Dominating

Aug 29, 2016

Being a new-age towing company run by younger entrepreneurs that’s mission is to bring affordable rates and honest service to an industry that has little of either. It makes us proud to write this blog as we were recently Better Business Bureau Accredited! To date; the only towing company approved by them. I will blog more about why this is so important in the coming days.

Unfortunately, with success comes jealous and impostors. A number of companies have started advertising with our name, using years of our hard work to build strong brand recognition. Please don’t be tricked when you see our company name on our competitors ads. There’s only one Ottawa Towing Company that has grown tremendously because of our flawless reputation for honest, fast and caring service.

We look forward to continuing to provide the highest level support we can to our fellow citizens of Ottawa. Thank you for your continued support and business!

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