Police Staging Fake Accidents

Mar 20, 2015

For the last few weeks Ottawa Police have been staging fake accidents in an effort to cool the craziness the new Ottawa Police Collision Reporting Centres have inadvertently caused in the towing industry.

The collision centres are forecasted to save the city $1.4mn in staffing costs and handle 13,000 accident reports a year but the towing industry is paying a price. We’re losing many of our calls to accident chasing tow operators and more aggressive drivers that will bully their way into a call. We invest a lot of time, money, and effort on our marketing campaigns and gaining a loyal customer base through superior service; this is unfair and unsafe competition.

Previously a police officer would be dispatched to every accident which kept a degree of control over the tow operators that were called versus the ones that arrived on the scene after hearing the accident over police scanners. With the new reporting centres, this is no longer the case. If you’re in an accident and you call 911 you’re now instructed, if there are no injuries, to call a tow operator of your choice and report to one of the 3 reporting centres which can be found here: https://ottawatowingcompany.ca/police-reporting-collision-centres/

Two weeks ago I was witness to the new chaos myself. My mother in-law was hit by another vehicle on Woodroffe. She immediately called me and I dispatched two of our drivers, one for her and one the woman that hit her. Our drivers were both there safely within 10 minutes but my mother said it looked like a taxi stand in New York City but with tow trucks lined up. The accident had gone out on the police radio and every tow truck driver within 5kms raced to the accident.

Since seeing this first hand, The Ottawa Towing Company has implemented new mandates for our drivers. No police scanners in trucks, zero tolerance for racing and nobody is to take a call we didn’t receive a request for, unless being flagged down while passing someone in distress. We hope other companies will follow suit to stop this insanity before anyone gets seriously hurt. Our drivers’ jobs are dangerous enough without having to fight off tow companies that weren’t called to help people who are in shock, stressed out, and possibly confused from just being in an accident.

Let’s have some more class tow companies! Our customers and police force deserve better service than this. How is it that the cab industry has come to an understanding that you don’t steal another driver’s fare but in towing it seems to be encouraged by the larger companies? You know who you are!

For more details please see the great article in MetroNews: https://metronews.ca/news/ottawa/1315688/ottawa-police-staging-fake-accidents-to-ticket-tow-truck-collision-chasers/