Towing Safety

Feb 25, 2015

Towing Safety Operators!

A friend sent us this video and we wanted to share it will all our drivers. Be thankful we don’t have mountains like this in Ottawa guys! Good thing the driver was alert and jumped out of his tow truck quickly. Towing safety is always top priority!

We can just imagine the look on the insurance company’s face when they saw this video. Not a cheap mishap.


We’re with our friends in BC for more towing safety precautions:

“VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – They work in an extremely hazardous environment every day, and now tow truck drivers in BC are pushing for a change to the way you are alerted to their presence on the side of the road.

An online petition is picking up momentum, asking the provincial government for permission to add one or more additional colours to tow truck lights when working in an emergency situation on the roadside.

Operators argue tow trucks have lost visibility to motorists — in a sea of amber lights used for construction, turn signals and even street lights they are no longer noticed — and adding red or blue to their amber would allow drivers to easily identify an emergency situation quickly based on colour.

Veteran operator and tow company owner Keith McLachlan fully supports the idea.

“It’s not uncommon to feel the brush of a mudflap off a transport truck or a mirror scraping down the back of your jacket or bouncing off the back of your head as a result of people traveling too close, not slowing down and really not caring,” he tells News1130.”

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