Winter Driving Tips

Feb 06, 2015

winter driving tips

So you’ve come to the realization that winter is here to stay and that there is still a few good months left of snowy and slippery roads. That being said, you’re not out of the clear just yet. As we move towards spring, road surfaces have a tendency of being unpredictable and can cause all sorts of issues while driving.

What we’ve learned over the years about good driving is that it’s best to react to road situations, anticipating crises and avoiding them at all costs. Being prepared and aware of your surrounds is essential in being a great winter driver.

How should you prepare your vehicle for winter driving you ask?

1. If by now you don’t have a good set of winter tires, that’s step number one. They can make all the difference when stopping your vehicle and help avoid sliding in slippery conditions. All seasons may do the trick, but the compound found in winter tires is softer, and works better in colder conditions. This may end up saving you or a passangers life.

2. Secondly, getting your brakes checked is very important, ensuring equal breaking. Rear ending someone may cause your insurance to go up so remember to always give yourself some extra room between cars.

3. Your wipers plan an integral part in keeping your windshield clear, so make sure you’ve got a good set for the winter.

4. Windshield wiper fluid goes hand in hand with your wipers, so make sure you’ve topped it up before heading out, especially in conditions where moisture is being thrown up from vehicles ahead.

5. We’re all in a rush to get from A-B these days, but being patient is always a good idea, especially when passing other cars on the road. Be considerate to other drivers out there!

Hopefully these few tips, although pretty standard, help keep you accident free this winter and safe on those slippery roads. If for some reason you do end up in an accident of sorts, the Ottawa Towing Company is always here to help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!