10 Things to Prepare you for Winter Driving

Dec 17, 2014

We want to keep Ottawa’s roads safe this winter, so we’ve put together a quick list of items to prepare yourself for Winter Driving.

1. Prepare your car early for winter conditions in the fall.
2. Install four winter tires that match.3. Pack yourself and emergency kit.
4. Practice winter driving techniques before you need to use them.
5. Always check road conditions and plan your route accordingly.
6. Always remove snow and ice from your vehicle ensuring you can see out of your vehicle, especially your head and tail lights.
7. Plan ahead and give yourself extra time to get from point A to B.
8. Avoid using cruise control when in snowy and icy conditions.
9. When traveling, make sure your cell phone is fully charged.
10. In bad weather conditions, drive slowly and ALWAYS WEAR YOUR SEATBELT.
11. Call the Ottawa Towing Company if you’ve been in an accident.

Winter Driving Can Be Dangerous and Risky, So Be Prepared!

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